How to Choose a Dog Bowl

How to Choose a Dog Bowl

Feeding is an essential process of animal care. However, not only the food is important but also the bowl from which a pet eats.

How to choose a dog bowl? It would seem that there is nothing complicated about this issue. But in practice, it turns out that one model is much more convenient than the other one. Besides, an incorrectly chosen bowl can lead to poor posture and even to the twisted stomach to your dog.

How to Choose Best Dog Bowl

The main requirements to select a best dog bowl are the following:
● Do not use an old plate instead of a bowl. There may be cracks, and a dog might get hurt.
● The bowl should be stable, do not slide on the floor and not roll over. Also, it has to be solid, with a perfectly smooth inner surface, not to damage the dog’s tongue during the meal.
● Not less important factors to notice when choosing a bowl for a dog are breed, height, weight, age, the character of the animal, as well as the budget and lifestyle of the bowls for dog

It should also be noted that the dog has to get used to eating only from his bowl. Some owners like to give leftovers food from their plates. It’s not recommended to do that.

How to choose dog bowl size

The size and shape of the bowl have to match the size of the dog.
For flat-faced dogs, the best option is not deep bowls which allow pets not to smudge their face.
High, narrow and cone-shaped bowls are suitable for dogs with long hanging ears so that their ears do not get into the food.
For large fast-growing dogs, an excellent variant is elevated bowls on special holders not to overload the animal’s musculoskeletal system.

Large bowls won’t be suitable for puppies or little breeds. It’s better to choose small and not deep bowls.

Types of Bowls

Bowl is an indispensable attribute in the list of dog things. When choosing a saucer, it’s essential to look at the material from which it is made because first of all, your pet’s safety depends on it. Nowadays, pet shops offer a great variety of bowls with different size, design, and color. Let’s consider the most popular models.

1. Best Plastic dog bowls

Plastic bowls are the most popular and the cheapest accessories for dogs. They usually easy to clean, but can be allergenic, fragile, and unstable. Besides, plastic can be scratched, so that bacteria get into cracks, which is unacceptable for your pet’s health. That’s why experts recommend replacing such plastic saucers at least once a year. But as a temporary variant, it fits perfectly.

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2. Best Ceramic dog bowls

Ceramic bowls are usually more expensive, but more stable and can easily match your interior. However, it is important to throw away the bowl as soon as a crack appears on it since bacteria can accumulate there. Such saucers look very good, but unfortunately, they can easily break.

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3. Best Stainless steel dog bowls

One of the best solutions is stainless steel bowls. Such models are the most durable and high-quality. They are at a reasonable price, easy to wash, quite stable in the with a wide bottom.

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4. Best Silicone dog bowls

If you are searching for a friendly-budget and portable variant, silicone saucer is a perfect option. They are easily folded that makes them excellent for picnics or traveling. Such saucers are easy to clean, durable, inexpensive, and take up little space.

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5. Best Elevated dog bowls

Elevated bowls are the most suitable for middle-sized and large breed dogs. Usually, their height is easily adjustable to the height of the animal. A big pro is that such accessories protect a dog from a variety of ailments. These may include flatus, gastric dilation, vomiting, and problems with the joints and spine. For example, when a large dog eats or drinks from a bowl that is on the floor, he swallows a lot of air. A large amount of air in the stomach provokes excessive flatus to your furry friend. That’s why it’s so important to use elevated sauces for large dogs.

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6. Best Automatic dog bowls

If a pet owner doesn’t have enough time to feed the dog for the whole day, automatic pet food and water dispenser will be a fantastic choice. This accessory is different in that water, and pet food is placed in different compartments, from which they are served in the containers.
Nowadays, pet owners may find automatic feeder with a timer. In financial terms, such an accessory will cost more, but it’s worth that. Food in some quantity is fed after a certain time interval according to the program set on the timer. Besides, you can choose such bowls with an automatic heating system. First of all, this option is the most suitable for puppies. Another advantage of the automatic bowl is that the food in containers does not spoil and can be stored for a longer time.

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7. Best Travel dog bowls

For puppies and adult dogs whose owners often travel and take animals with them, the best option would be to use a special traveling bowl. Such a portable and lightweight accessory allows you to take both water and food. As a rule, it’s made from durable polyester, nylon, or any other fabric. Thanks to the material, it can be easily folded into a small size. A lot of dog owners like such travel bowls because of their affordable price.

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8. Best Slow feed dog bowls

An instinct makes dogs absorb food very quickly. Eating fast can cause some digestive problems. For such dogs, an interactive bowl is a must-have thing. It represents itself a slow feed bowl with silicone protrusions between which the food is spooned. Thanks to its design, the dog eats slowly, looking for kibbles, and then chews it thoroughly. Also, there are bowls with a ledge in the center or any other obstacles. They are all suitable to slow down the process of eating.

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How to pick dog bowl

You have to be very responsible for selecting a proper saucer for your peg. We have listed the main factors that will help you decide which bowl to choose for your dog. They include the size of the dog (height, weight), the general physiological characteristics of the animal (body type, a shape of the muzzle), and also the material of the bowl itself. Fortunately, the range of dog bowls in modern pet stores is vast, and you can easily choose an excellent variant that will suit your pet. At the same time, it is necessary to watch the cleanliness of the dog’s feeding area and bowls as well. Regularly wash the saucer after each meal and change the water in it.